power of youAs the Age of Aquarius continues to imprint the energies of Christ Consciousness within humanity, the cleansing required to achieve this high level of energetic awareness and LOVE is well underway.

Before one can transmute any energy, they must first face this energy, see it for exactly what it is and use their power of “thought transmutation” to effectively change this lower energy into a higher energy signature. Light will always overcome darkness.

Welcome to the 4th dimension. The dimension of clearing to get clarity.

Reaching for this high ideal requires us to deal with our whirlpool of emotions, our pain and our self inflicted judgments. Feelings and memories must rise to the surface, yes, we must deal with what is inside of us…what has imprinted itself through our lack of knowledge into our ‘soul pattern’.

We must literally shine the light on parts of ourselves that we have buried…those things that cause pain and suffering that we have buried so deep in order to avoid dealing with them. They just don’t feel good when they surface and so we do all that we can to avoid them. We are literally shown the darkest recesses of our minds…where we have buried and repressed our deepest pain and fears.

These are the very things we must face in order to raise our consciousness up to higher levels of thought, to higher levels of LOVE. It is these very things that need LOVE the most! You simply cannot fill an old ‘mind’ with new thoughts until you’ve cleaned out the old ones! There is not room for both.

These are the ‘shadows’ that cause our perceptions to see a limited view of things. They must be transmuted so that all the light that we can hold and shine out is allowed entrance into consciousness. They cannot be denied and our Higher Selves will find a way to bring them to our attention…as often as it takes to get our attention, many times through pain in order for us to focus on them. This will happen over and over again until we pay attention!

Raw feelings are triggered…anything that is not in alignment with Divine Will surfaces to be transmuted by us…the Master Alchemist. The good, the bad and the ugly all surface in conscious awareness for us to embrace, transform and unite in ONENESS of purpose.

It is through our conscious activity, focus and LOVE that all things are brought into alignment with Higher Purpose.

This darkness surfaces for us to heal with LIGHT. It is that simple. When our buttons are triggered (and you can believe they are done so on purpose by your Higher Self) it is for the purpose of transmuting energy…of allowing ourselves to see the energy patterns that are holding us in 3rd dimensional thinking and embracing these patterns with the POWER OF LOVE transmutation.

That is the single key. LOVE. LOVE everything that appears less than LOVE…bring all emotions, feelings, thoughts and energy into alignment with LOVE. Go back to center. Bring all things back to center where LOVE lives and LIGHT heals.

As this energy is accessed, you will feel the POWER of the Divine Feminine rising within as this Mother energy embraces all things without judgment or fear. The judgments that we placed on ourselves so long ago and the fear that resulted is erased and replaced with the brilliant white light of  CHRIST LOVE.

You must embrace what you have buried and abandoned about yourself. You must love and embrace all those aspects that you currently do not like about yourself.  You must welcome them back into your heart as you LOVE them for what they have taught you. You must see them for the great teacher that they are, LOVE them and integrate the transmuted energy into wholeness.

All aspects…all facets of ourselves will shimmer in effervescence and shine with the light of expanded WHOLE awareness.

Develop compassion and LOVE for yourself and all your so called transgressions as they make their appearance for you to transmute and you shall KNOW SELF LOVE…the conduit to TRUE LOVE of humanity.

Become an integral part of manifesting the Golden Age of LOVE/Camelot on our precious Mother Earth/Gaia as she herself transforms into a Star from the generated LIGHT of Consciousness in her being! You are the most important aspect of that being as it is the mind of the Heart that is used to express through the vibrations of Heart conscious living.

It is the surrender to SELF, it is in complete acceptance and LOVE of all that we are that allows this loving energy to flow, heal and create. You are the key.